Understanding children's mental health & emotional wellbeing

ConnectEd School Counselling & Play Therapy

What does Counselling involve?

Distinct from informal counselling skills that may be used by some school staff, all our School Counsellors are qualified and experienced mental health professionals. This means they are able to conduct clinical assessments, work with very
complex cases and provide expert advice and support for teaching staff and parents.

Our counsellors provide weekly sessions for children and young people who are experiencing social, emotional and behavioural difficulties.  These sessions provide pupils with the opportunity to express themselves in a confidential therapeutic space, come to terms with the difficulties they are experiencing and develop greater emotional resilience.

What does Play Therapy involve?

Play therapy is particularly beneficial for children at primary school who may struggle to express painful emotions through words.  A Play Therapist offers children a wide range of games, toys and activities to help them express their worries
and feelings at their own pace and in a language they are comfortable with.

Through interacting with and observing a child at play, a Play Therapist can gain a good understanding of the complex issues which are negatively affecting their emotional wellbeing. As a result the therapist is able to help the child make sense of their emotions, understand their feelings better and develop greater resilience for dealing with challenging life events.

The efficacy of play therapy has been clinically proven and over the years we have has successfully delivered it in numerous primary schools, significantly improving the emotional wellbeing of hundreds of children.  We also offer a number of other  effective non-verbal therapies such as music, art and movement therapy.

We also offer a range of other creative arts therapies such as music, art and dramatherapy.

Why use ConnectEd School Counselling & Therapy Services?

Our qualified and experienced counsellors/therapists are embedded within primary, secondary and special schools throughout London & Hertfordshire. By being based on-site in schools they are able to develop important relationships with teaching staff and parents whilst providing a confidential therapeutic service for children and young people in a familiar and accessible environment. By intervening at an early stage we are able to ensure vulnerable children and young people are helped to come to terms with the sources of their distress, develop positive coping strategies and go on to achieve their full potential. Specific outcomes for pupils include:

  • Less disruptive, anti-social or aggressive behaviour
  • Reduction in depression, anxiety and related emotional symptoms
  • Improved social skills and peer relationships
  • Improved confidence and self-esteem
  • Improved attendance
  • Enhanced ability to attain and achieve at school

If you are interested in receiving counselling/therapy at your school, or you would like to find out more, please contact us