Understanding children's mental health & emotional wellbeing


Child & Adolescent Mental Health Services (CAMHS)

Statutory mental health services for children and young people aged 0-18.  This team includes Child and Adolescent psychiatrists, Clinical Psychologists, Family Therapists, Child and Adolescent Psychotherapists, Nurses and Primary Mental Health workers. http://www.beh-mht.nhs.uk/mental-health-service/mh-services/camhs-community-mental-health—barnet.htm

Barnet Drug and Alcohol Service

Specialist treatment service committed to providing access to a range of treatment options to individuals for whom drugs and alcohol have become a problem. http://www.beh-mht.nhs.uk/Default.aspx?locid=01u00a00101o00c

Family & Young People’s Information Service

For families and children/young people aged 0-20.  Information is available on getting parental support and financial help.  There is also an excellent online directory providing detailed information on services that are available in childcare, education, social care, health, housing and the voluntary sector. http://www.barnet.gov.uk/fyi

Disability Support Services

Information on support services available for people with a physical disability or chronic health condition and their carers. http://www.barnet.gov.uk/info/920046/children_and_young_people_with_disabilities/901/children_and_young_people_with_disabilities

Domestic Violence Support Services

Information on support services available for children and families experiencing domestic violence, including accessing emergency refuge accommodation. http://www.barnet.gov.uk/domestic-violence

Bereavement Support Services

Information on statutory and voluntary organisations providing support services for children and families who have suffered a bereavement. http://www.barnet.gov.uk/info/730005/Adults_directory_record?did=145675&entry_id=20994

Young Carers & Siblings

Information on the support available for children and young people who care for sick or disabled family members. http://www.barnetcarers.org/young-carers-2/family-support-for-primary-a-high-need-young-carers/