Understanding children's mental health & emotional wellbeing


Child and Adolescent Mental Health Services (CAMHS)

CAMHS stands for child and adolescent mental health services. We provide mental health assessment and treatment for children, young people (aged 0-18) and their families living in the London Borough of Ealing. http://www.wlmht.nhs.uk/service/ealing-camhs

Counselling Services

Ealing Youth Counselling Information Service. Provides a confidential counselling service for young people aged 12-18. http://www.brentmind.org.uk/directory/detail/423

Drug/Alcohol Support Services

Ealing Drug & Alcohol Action Team delivers a whole spectrum of treatment interventions and support. http://www.talktofrank.com/treatment-centre/drug-action-team-ealing

Children’s Information Services

Information and services for children and young people 0-19 years within the London Borough of Ealing. http://www.ealing.gov.uk/info/200017/children_and_families

Disability Support Services

Ealing Mencap. Ealing Mencap represents the interests of people with learning disabilities and their carers within the borough of Ealing. They run a range of projects to help people with learning disabilities and their carers. http://www.ealingmencap.org.uk/

The Ealing Service for Children with Additional Needs (ESCAN). Provides one central referral point for a range of services. http://www.ealing.gov.uk/info/200174/children_with_disabilities

Domestic Violence Support Services

Ealing Domestic Violence Task Group. http://www.ealing.gov.uk/info/200020/community_advice/152/advice_agencies/10

Young Carers

KIDS Ealing Young Carers Project. Provides young carers who live in the borough of Ealing a chance to have a break from their caring roles. http://www.egfl.org.uk/categories/pupil/carer.html