Understanding children's mental health & emotional wellbeing

  • “All the staff gained valuable knowledge which
    will feed into their professional practice. I would
    recommend these sessions to other schools”
    (Deputy Head, Maria Fidelis Catholic School)

Training for School Staff

The importance of training

We can help you to help students attain and achieve at school, and give them the ‘safety-net’ of good mental health which will sustain them into their adult lives.

Early intervention and prevention relies upon a proactive recognition of problems, not just a reaction to difficult behaviours and emotions.

Children and young people often struggle to tell adults what is wrong or why they feel distressed. As professionals we need to identify their problems early so as to help them make sense of their troubles and go on to thrive.

Together, as professionals we can improve their futures through updating our training and experience.

Training sessions

Our training sessions are specially geared to the needs of teachers, teaching support and pastoral staff.  They can be delivered on-site at your school during inset days or split across twilight sessions. Our core workshops include:

Attachment theory – practical application for teachersA key concept in understanding mental health issues, attachment theory tells us about the impact both early relationships and the environment have on children and young people. As a result staff will be in far stronger position to understand challenging behaviour in students and provide appropriate support

Child & Adolescent Mental Health Awareness: An introductory workshop covering four key areas: risk and resilience; attachment and development; problems and disorders; interventions and what helps. This will give staff more confidence managing the mental health and emotional wellbeing of their students.

Engaging with Hard to Reach Families: It is often essential to engage with hard to reach families if our work with children and young people is to have an impact.  This workshop will explore barriers to engagement and how to overcome these

Transition, Seperation & Bereavement: Children and young people often struggle with transitions and change; increasingly they are being affected by significant seperations within the family.  This workshop will help teaching staff understand the impact these major life experiences can have on students’ mental health and equip them with new skills to support students’ through these difficult times.

Understanding Adolescents: Adolescence can be a challenging and confusing time for young people.  This workshop will help teaching staff better understand this crucial developmental stage.  It will also help you identify when presenting issues are not simply a normal part of growing up and more specialist support is required

What’s really going on? Unlocking the thinking behind troubled and challenging behaviour: To understand the “negative” behaviours that we encounter in young people at school we need to be able to unlock the thinking that led to that act. To be able to respond skilfully and thoughtfully to a young person in conflict can challenge us. This training session will skill up staff to manage this dynamic with confidence and skill using a simple tool to engage students designed by ConnectEd.

Bespoke Training & Support

A member of our team of mental health professionals can visit your school to discuss how we can provide specific training appropriate for your staff.  We will then develop a bespoke training programme helping your staff to develop new insights and skills for supporting vulnerable students.  We can also offer:

  • PSHE/SEAL sessions for students
  • Parent talks
  • Bereavement groups

School Staff Consultation Services

Our professionally qualified Mental Health Trainer is available to run consultation sessions in school.  Supporting staff across the school to become more effective practitioners will help maintain their effectiveness and help prevent “burn out”.

This service is available for:

  • 1-2 sessions to explore a specific issue that is impacting on the team
  • Regular on-going support and consultations for staff

Our trainer can run one to one sessions or sessions for groups.

Why have Support and Consultation Services for Staff?

We work in schools because we want to make a difference to the lives of the children or young people we teach and nurture.  However, working in schools is emotionally demanding and at times challenging.

Teachers and support staff find themselves dealing with many complex family situations due to economic deprivation, mental health or other societal issues.  These factors impact on a child’s learning and their life at school.

Having a safe space for teachers, T.A’s, Learning Mentors or Student Support Officers to reflect on their practice and think about their strategies for dealing with complex situations will ensure staff build resilience and contribute to their continuing professional development (CPD).

For further information about any of these services please contact us.